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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China vigorously promotes digital development and transformation of cultural IP

Source: XinhuanetNovember/27/2020

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 26 (Reporters: Yu Junjie, Chen Aiping) On November 26, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism released guidelines for the development of digital cultural industry, proposed to strengthen the development and transformation of cultural intellectual property (IP), and promote the innovative transformation and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture in such forms as anime games, online music, online shows, online video streaming, and digital art.

In the Guidelines for Promoting High-quality Development of the Digital Cultural Industry, the Ministry points out that to develop digital cultural industry, we must promote the deep integration of cultural industries with the digital economy and the real economy, increase the supply of high-quality digital cultural products, and construct an industrial ecosystem for digital culture, promote consumption upgrading and actively embrace the new development paradigm with domestic circulation being the mainstay and the two circulations reinforcing each other.

To effectively drive the development of digital cultural industry, it stresses the driving role of data and the importance of technological support, and urges to construct and deploy the national cultural big data system, and promote the integration of cultural data resources. It also calls for digitizing excellent cultural resources, digital transformation and development of cultural resources, to breathe new life into excellent cultural resources with the help of digital technology.

The proposed goal is to by 2025 cultivate 20 industry leaders with strong innovation ability and international influence, and five leading clusters in digital cultural industry, significantly boost the digital, networked and intelligent development of China’s cultural industries, and reshape the industry landscape with new dominating development drives.

The Guidelines also proposes to continue the “Internet +” initiative, move more cultural industries online and onto “cloud,” and develop the platform economy. It encourages digitalization to promote culture-tourism integration, exchange and cooperation between digital cultural companies and Internet-based tourism companies, and the expansion of cultural & creative industries into the tourism industry. At the same time, the integrated development of digital cultural industry with advanced manufacturing, consumer goods industry, and smart agriculture should be advanced, and brand licensing developed, to enhance the brand value and cultural value of manufacturing and service industries..
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