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Dancing across the Silk Road

Source: China DailyMarch/15/2018

The Caracalla Dance Theatre, a prominent professional dance troupe from the Arab world, is ready to delight Beijing with their latest dance production, Sailing the Silk Road, which runs March 15 to 17 at the National Center for the Performing Arts. Zhang Xingjian reports.
This will not be the first China tour for the Caracalla Dance Theatre. In February 2016, the dance troupe offered Chinese audiences a visual feast through the Caracalla-style dance production The Arabian Nights.
According to Maestro Abdel Halim Caracalla, who founded the Caracalla Dance Theatre in 1968, the "Caracalla" dance style refers to a body language based upon Martha Graham dance disciplines blended with Arabic heritage. It is a mixture of Eastern and Western civilizations.
In July 2016, the Caracalla Dance Theatre premiered Sailing the Silk Road at the Baalbeck International Festival, one of the most prestigious arts and cultural festivals in the Middle East, with participation from over 100 artists from different countries and regions.
"China is a marvelous country that boasts a long history and extensive culture. I come to China one or twice a year and try to find creative inspiration from here," said Ivan Caracalla, son of the founder and managing director of the Caracalla Dance Theatre. "And I am glad Sailing the Silk Road is finally coming to China, as it is also an integral part of the ancient Silk Road."
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