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In June 2019, the first Beijing Forum for Performing Arts (Conference), initiated by the NCPA, was successfully held in Beijing. The Forum has produced the Beijing Statement (Draft), in which participating organizations support the forming of the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts exchange and cooperation mechanism initiated by the NCPA, and explore the possibility of founding an international organization for theatres around the world. This organization would serve to boost in-depth and routine exchange and cooperation among its members. Against this backdrop, particularly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all organizations have been holding discussions and strengthening cooperation, reaching an extensive agreement on “jointly building a community with a shared future for the sustainable development of theatres around the world”. Accordingly, participants affirmed the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts (BFPA) as a cooperative organization, with the aim of boosting deeper international exchange and cooperation in the field of performing arts.

Initiated by the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts (BFPA) was established on September 9, 2020. It is a non-governmental, non-profit and collaborative organization voluntarily formed by performing arts institutions and related institutions around the world, headquartered in Beijing, China.

The BFPA aims to build an open and multilateral platform for exchange and to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation among members, particularly, in the following areas: Strengthening experience sharing, mutual support and mutual benefit among members; Conducting institutional exchange at non-governmental and regional levels; Respecting and encouraging the development of outstanding performing arts with national and regional characteristics, for the promotion of cultural diversity; and facilitating the integration of technology into performing arts.

The BFPA adheres to the principles of openness, inclusiveness, mutual respect, equal cooperation and mutual benefit. It shall build a pragmatic and efficient platform of cooperation, with the aim to build a community with a shared future for theatres worldwide. The members shall give full play to advantages, explore new fields of collaboration, integrate development strategies, share useful experiences, further exchange and cooperation among them, and jointly promote the spread and development of performing arts worldwide.


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As the executive organ of the BFPA, the Council will be responsible for deciding the time and venue of each General Meeting, making decisions on the operational activities and arrangements of the BFPA, recommending new members to the General Meeting and exercising other powers related to the operation of the BFPA except as otherwise specifically provided in the Statute. This Council consists of one Chairperson, three Vice Chairpersons and three Council Members.


The Secretariat is the standing office of the BFPA. Its main duties include communications with members, operation of daily business of the BFPA, management of the logo and brand of the BFPA, provision of secretarial services to the General Meeting and the Council, consultation about the time and venue of the General Meeting and other secretarial activities. The National Centre for the Performing Arts of China functions as the Secretariat of the BFPA.

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We sincerely invite colleagues in performing arts to join the BFPA and work together to build a Community of a Shared Future for Theatres Around the Globe. If interested, please contact: Looking forward to your joining.