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Teatro Real is awarded the first “Brain-Protected” theatre in Spain

Source: Teatro RealSeptember/17/2021

The Teatro Real, which welcomes around 400,000 people each season, has trained its staff in the identification of the signs and symptoms of stroke and in the immediate activation of the Code Stroke.

90% of stroke cases are preventable and the action time is vital to reduce the sequelae.

In Spain, stroke represents the second leading cause of death for all and the leading cause of death among women.

Each year stroke affects 120,000 people in Spain, causing death or severe disability, of which 12,000 occur in the Community of Madrid.

1 in every 6 people will have a stroke throughout their lives, and 35% of these episodes will occur at working age. The mortality rate is 5 times higher than that of breast cancer and a high disability.

The Stopping Stroke Foundation grants the Teatro Real the “Brain Caring People” seal of recognition for its commitment to society through the “Teatro Real against Stroke” project, and certifies it as the first theatre considered as the “Brain-protected Space” in Spain.

The “Brain-protected Space” is a certification obtained through online training. The training content has been developed with the collaboration of the Sociedad Española de Neurología (SEN) (Spanish Society of Neurology) through its Grupo de Estudio de Enfermedades Cerebrovasculares (GEECV) and is part of the “Brain Caring People” project which has the social endorsement of the scientific society itself and also gains the support of the Asociación Española de Especialistas en Medicina del Trabajo (AEEMT) (Spanish Association of Specialists in Occupational Medicine) and the Asociación Española de Servicios de Prevención Laboral (AESPLA) (Spanish Association of Occupational Prevention Services).

The “Brain-protected Space” training project has trained 30 workers of the Teatro Real who are normally in contact with the public for the identification, stabilization and action before a possible stroke. The course objective is to reduce the action time to save lives and avoid sequelae, know how to stabilize the affected person and activate the Code Stroke as soon as possible through the 112 emergency service.

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