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NCPA Performances Series offer you
"An Invitation from Winter"

Source: China NCPANovember/10/2020

Since the streaming of the first online performance on April 11th this year, until the end of October, the NCPA had put on three major series of online performances "Spring Online", "Sound of Summer Blooms" and "Bright Autumn Cadenza" in 34 performances with total online views at over 1.027 billion. As winter is fast approaching, the NCPA online performances series initiated the new chapter "An Invitation from Winter" on November 7th.


On the evening of the 7th, under the baton of PENG Jiapeng, the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra brought the first episode of "An Invitation from Winter", which had been streamed simultaneously on the NCPA Classical Music Channel and a series of network media platforms such as CCTV.com, Kuaishou and CCTV News. Meanwhile, the concert was streamed to the audience worldwide through official online platforms including Beijing Forum for Performing Arts, CCTV.com, China Plus, China Culture, China Daily, and other multilingual accounts on overseas social platforms including Facebook and YouTube. For the first time, a special pre-concert talk in both Chinese and English was made for the audience at home and abroad, which attracted the attention of netizens from many places all over the globe. Until now, it has more than 26 million views.


In the special pre-concert talk, the hostess ZHANG Lei from the China Media Group and PENG Jiapeng discussed the development and inheritance of Chinese national orchestral music. Three artists, JIANG Kemei, CHEN Yin, and ZHOU Dongchao, showed the charms of three different types of national musical instruments: banhu, pipa, and suona. The concert has invited many senior artists: suona artist ZHOU Dongchao, huqin artist JIANG Kemei, pipa artist CHEN Yin, Peking Opera actress ZHANG Xinyue, jinghu artist WANG Jiaying, and cellist XUE Qi. In collaboration with the orchestra, they performed meticulously selected national music works, including classic national music, Peking Opera pieces, and excellent works that have come out in recent years.

During the online streaming, the concert was highly appraised by overseas audience members from 70 countries and areas on five continents including: the UK, Germany, France, USA, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, the Philippines, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Burkina Faso, South Africa and other countries as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan. The concert was also shared by art institutions, such as Association "Friends of China" of La Spezia, Italy, and Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra of Malaysia.

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