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NCPA commemorates the 120th anniversary of Verdi’s death with La Traviata

Source: NCPAApril/06/2021

On April 5th, the NCPA opera La Traviata was staged for the sixth time paying tribute to the great opera master, kicking off the NCPA Opera Festival 2021.

Conductor YU Long said, “This year marks the 120th anniversary of Verdi’s death. It is an honour for all the artists participating in the performance to pay tribute to the classics and to the art with La Traviata.”

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, participating in the performance of an NCPA opera for the first time, has demonstrated their artistic capability.

As soon as the cast was announced, many audiences began to anticipate the first collaboration in opera between baritone LIAO Changyong and tenor SHI Yijie.

Soprano ZHANG Liping has performed in the NCPA’s La Traviata for several times. In the evening’s performance, she once again masterfully interpreted the heroine’s longing, anguish, hesitation and confusion.

The opera has impressed audiences with its unique stage design of a mirror. In this round of performance, the 264m2 mirror once again brings the audience to the story in an interplay of reality and illusion.

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